Welcome to the Friends of the Park Forest Health Department

The Friends of the Park Forest Health Department (FPFHD) is a 501c3 non-profit (NFP) board. The Board was formally incorporated 1987 and incorporated as an NFP in 2001. It was established by a group of concerned Park Forest residents and community stakeholders who protested against rumors that the Village Board of Trustees were planning to close the Village-owned local health department. FPFHD original founders believed in the “Agpall” concept of 1970. This concept states that local government is ultimately accountable for ensuring the health and well-being of the citizens of the Park Forest municipality. The acronym stands for “a governmental presence at the local level” (Turncock, 20212).

The FPFHD’s overarching goal is to work with the Park Forest Health Department to safeguard and improve the health and quality of life for Park Forest residents. This is accomplished throughpromoting services and administering health promotion activities that address pressing health trends and concerns, which present unique public health challenges throughout the Village of Park Forest. Another goal is to create fundraising opportunities that provide a safety net for individuals in need of clinical, health promotion, health protection and services. The Ralph Medhurst Comfort and the Edgar Allen Young funds were established toensure access to services for individuals who otherwise would be denied assistance because of the financial inability to pay.