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Music Samples

This page lists a few of my music compositions. To hear one of the compositions, simply click on one of the colored notes of the above keyboard, the curtains below will part, and the music will play. To stop playing the music and close the curtains, click on the note again.

Yellow Note: Appalachian Sunset (duration: 3min. 16sec.)

Blue Note: Autumn (duration: 4min.)

Pink Note: Riding the Train (duration: 2min. 13sec.)

Brown Note: Shenandoah (my guitar arrangement of the traditional folk song. Duration: 3min. 25sec.)

Green Note: Study in C Major (duration: 3min. 6sec.)

Red Note: For Margaret - Imitation for String Orchestra (duration: 7min. 47sec.; there is a 7 sec. pause before the music starts)